The client requested that we refurbish their existing auditorium. They asked for an updated look and improved acoustics. We incorporated the red and blue colour scheme from their logo.

The back wall is made up of timber panels on a red acoustic and fire retardant backing. The sides of the auditorium are made up of acoustic panels and light boxes in different shades of blue. The front of the light box is also an acoustic panel. The rest of the walls are covered with a heavy duty, textured wallpaper that is easy to maintain.

The existing ceiling is extremely high at the front of the auditorium. The new ceiling is lowered to help with the acoustics and stepped to create depth with the front of the “step” a light box. One of the ceiling portions is painted the same colour as the wall panels to form a visual link across the auditorium.

The light boxes will be used as low level lighting when the projector is used. The carpet, upholstery and desktops were all replaced.