The context and typography of the site is considered when designing the buildings for a new medical univeresity. This ensures minimal impact on the environment. Natural and raw building materials, as well as free forms and curved lines are used in order for the buildings to be sympathetic towards the environment. The proposed colour scheme will also contribute towards this. The contemporary design is functional and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, with modern finishes contributing towards this goal. The exterior finishes are chosen for their low maintenance properties.

Energy efficient design is key to minimize the operating costs of the university. The building orientation is optimized to suit the local climatic conditions. Windows are designed and placed to allow for good daylight penetration, using glass with an improved solar heat gain coefficient to limit heat gain to the interior. External louvres and sun screens are designed to screen direct sunlight in summer, but allow for sunlight penetration in winter. Good thermal insulation in the walls and roof structures will add to the comfortable interior conditions. A solar plant forms part of the design.

The lecture halls (slide 3 and 4) and auditoriums (slide 2) are state of the art with the latest technology and the library (slide 1) caters for electronic media, as well as books, with sufficient self-study areas. The laboratories (slide 5 and 6) are designed for optimal use to enable students to work to their maximum capacity within a pleasant and safe environment. The cafeteria (slide 8) and retail areas (slide 7) are located away from the academic zones to help with noise reduction. The on-site residences (slide 10) are serviced by a dedicated dining hall (slide 9). The administration building (slide 11 and 12) is located at the entrance to the site for easy access for visitors.

Bicycle and pedestrian lanes are provided in addition to roads, connecting all the buildings on the campus.

Several supporting buildings are on the site to accommodate workshops, maintenance offices, staff housing, offices for lecturers and sport facilities.