The focus was to design a building in the most cost effective way for low energy use. To achieve this objective the following aspects were implemented:

The building is faced north in order to maximize the natural light from the windows on the North elevation. Extensive roof overhangs keep the windows and walls in the shade during the hot summer months to control heat gain.

The roof is designed to allow natural daylight from the south into the building.  The required minimum light level was 500 Lux and the light level achieved was between 600Lux and 800Lux. Motion sensors control the switching of the artificial lights throughout the building.

Walls and roof are well insulated to ensure minimum heat gain in summer and minimum heat loss in winter.

120 Photovoltaic panels were installed on the roof to provide 30KVA power to the electrical network in the building sufficient to run all the light fittings and computer equipment in the showroom, warehouse and the offices areas.  Excess energy generated is stored in a battery bank to be used at night and on cloudy days. Hot water is generated by a solar geyser.