A double story office building was designed for the client, with open-plan office wings to the north and south, also containing break-away and meeting rooms. Executive suites, an archive and a conference room is accommodated in the central block with the reception area.

A grand staircase connects the floors in the entrance lobby. Clerestory windows let light into the upper floor while light wells with glass balustrades allows light into the ground floor and creates a connection between the working spaces

An acoustically designed auditorium with 50 seats, allows for non-amplified speech and discussion. Facilities for electronic presentation methods are provided. Timber slats over appropriate acoustic materials clad the walls, accompanied by a sculptural ceiling accommodating services and additional acoustic treatment.

Brick walls on East and West facades are cavity walls with the cavities filled with insulation material to provide thermal insulation. Curtain wall construction is used on the north and south facades with pre-manufactured double glazing and insulated vitreous enamel panels to provide thermal and sound insulation. The roofs are also designed to provide thermal and sound insulation.